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Lowrider Culture Finds a Home in Toronto

Started by Mexican-American serviceman modifying their cars in the 1940s, lowrider culture finds a new home in Toronto

Riding Low In Toronto

As a niche community, the entire culture is built around self support. While there’s definitely friendly rivalries among the various clubs, friendship, family, and respect are pillars of the community.

LA Lowriders Show Dazzling Cars and Tenacious Women

Lowriders may be vehicles, but they are also a creative expression of the owners, becoming objects of identity and history.

Inside L.A.’s Lowrider Car Clubs

With bright paint jobs and bouncy hydraulics, the ‘low and slow’ rides are an expression of cultural identity for the city’s Mexican American community.

This ’61 is a Drop Top & Hop Classic on the Strip

This 1961 Chevy Impala convertible is a product of seizing opportunity because In the lowrider scene, it’s not uncommon to see potential in someone else’s car. Even more common is builders selling their current rides in order to move on to the next project.

Top 5 Chevy Monte Carlo Lowriders of All Time

For 6 generations, the Chevy Monte Carlo, through all of its drastic changes spanned a 37-year production run that resulted in some incredibly well-built lowriders along the way.

The Glorious Return of Cruising to the Streets of L.A.

Van Nuys Boulevard and the San Fernando Valley are part of a constellation of historic nodes of lowrider culture in Southern California. 

Lowrider Cars Are About Pride, Family, And Community

The airbrushed murals. The candy paint. The warm breeze that slaps you across the face when the hydraulic pump springs you high into the heavens, all as curious onlookers gather on the corner to point and admire.

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